A Mobile Security service provider

Success Story

Client is based out of Delhi and deals in mobile gadget secure services for mobile security. It’s more of a retail business platform where various retailers will get associated with client to sell off their services across India.

Scope of work –

Client will have several channel partners across India. These partners will have to get associated with Client and have to buy services to sell it off to end users. These services include mobile security from Liquid, Scratch etc.

What we did?

Since it’s a retail industry related application, complications were high. No of retailers could be anything between 500 to 50000 across India. Thus client need a complete automated product to handle complexities of its own up to some extent. Tech Cherries provided a complete customized solution to the customer after detailed discussion and analysis.

Client is provided with different login panels for internal as well as retailers use. Client will have rights related to approval of retailers and rejection of retailer’s request. Client an put different checks for retailer. All progress related to retailers across India will be available for client to see.

A similar portal is provided to retailer also to see his own progress and sales and to generate invoice for end user. Retailer will also keep a customer relationship mechanism with the same portal based on history.

Success by Industry

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Success Story

The client is based in South Delhi and is a real estate contractor and developer. They have projects running all over India.

A Real Estate client, Delhi

The client is a civil project contractor, Manufacturer, Exporter and Trader having multiple location working across Globe.

A Civil Project Oriented client, Faridabad